Expectations - Nebula 2022 Address

Nebula (annual Freshers' celebration) was held in March 2022 for the sophomore batch this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I gave an address to them titled "Expectations" which is copied below: Good. Evening. Everyone. Hope, you, all, are, doing, well! Some of you might know me, a lot of you might not; I'm Amish Mittal, a senior year Computer Science student and also the Undergraduate Representative in the Students' Gymkhana. A few days back when I decided that I would speak something on this stage, I messaged Aswin Krishna - an alumni from 2020 batch, who spoke standing here as the then UGR and I was standing among you in the audience. So I messaged him and asked him for his speech to get some pointers I could speak on, but I realized it did not do me any good as you people are no longer fresh faces to the institute (someone who has just given JEE and joined IITP 10 days back) to whom I can say any random words and you would believe them. You joined IIT Patna

Some Legendary Phrases

 Often, we speak words which provide and define the in-depth of a conversation. Understanding these without context is similar to jumping to the middle steps of an experiment without thought; so, If You Know, You Know. (in reverse chronological order) That is why you should check the stock chart everyday You eat at night and shit in the morning, still you do it everyday; cause the experience matters Trust is like a ceramic cup, if it breaks once, then no matter how much to try to glue it back, water would still leak out.  Vegas and Mumbai are the same - dono jagah hi nanga naach hota - bas alag tareeke se hota.